Rewrite your story

A revolutionary healing approach that is the missing link to wholeness

It is never too late, to rewrite the beginning!

What Is Heart Healing?

Heart healing is a revolutionary integrative healing approach used within the subconscious state. 

Combining cutting edge techniques evolved from proven scientific methods with spirituality, heart healing provides a unique and advanced channel to communicate with your inner child for a mind-heart-soul transformation like nothing you have ever experienced before.  

heart healing

Find Inner peace and wholeness

heart healing

Significant shifts in your self-worth, self-love and self-trust

heart healing

Find Freedom from trauma and abuse

heart healing

Enjoy Healthy and fulfilling relationships

heart healing

Have Higher levels of wealth through your work

heart healing

With The ability to be true to who you really are

Who am I?

Let me share my transformational journey with you

co-author and Northern Ireland’s first Heart Healing therapist. 

I openly shared my journey of overcoming childhood trauma so that I could finally enjoy a life of freedom and abundance.

Growing up in Bangor, from the outside I was a model pupil. I was successful in school, represented both Northern Ireland and Great Britain in rhythmic gymnastics and easily made friends. As the years passed, I spent seasons in Spain and Portugal dancing on stage and entertaining people by the poolside. My huge smile and enthusiasm masked my wounds lurking below.  On the inside, I was lost and desperately uncertain.

How To Work with Me

Inner Child Meditation

Begin connecting to your inner child with my free guided meditative journey
Price: Free

You Are My Sunshine

Inner child healing starter package

Price: £250

wholeness within

Heal 2 of your Core Receiving Wounds® over 6 weeks
Price: £600

Rewrite The Beginning

Full healing Package

Price: £2000

What My Clients Say

Over 45 years’ worth of pain has been reframed. I am stunned by the deep release that I have had through a heart healing session with Carly. Carly’s gentle manner made me feel safe, held and heard. Her voice was calming and reassuring which was so important to me as I have held on to a lot of deep and uncomfortable beliefs for many, many years that have stopped me from truly bring able to open up and be unapologetically me. I thought I’d healed before but now I know this was the magic I’d been searching for.
Amber Harrison
By the end of the session and afterwards I felt so much lighter and grateful Carly, you absolute angel! I am looking forward to more sessions with you in the future. Carly instantly made me feel so safe and calm. She kept it equally professional and friendly so I knew I was in good hands. I really felt that I could let go completely and honestly open my heart to Carly and let it flow. During the session, parts were distressing, but with Carly’s reassurance and kind demeanour, I trusted her and the process.
Millie North
I did a presentation last week and I didn’t feel nervous- so strange as I’m usually riddled with anxiety. I can’t recommend Carly’s inner healing and personal growth services enough! Her expertise and genuine care have truly benefited my life. Thanks to her, I’ve experienced significant personal growth and gained invaluable tools for navigating life’s challenges. I feel strangely calm and at peace. Carly’s dedication and compassionate approach make her the perfect guide on your journey to healing and self-discovery. Thank you, Carly, for making such a positive impact on my life
Clare Joyce
It is hard to put into words what a profound experience it truly was, it was FAR beyond what I was expecting. Carly is such a beautiful soul and made me feel at ease straight away. She allowed me to really begin to connect with my inner child, to repair and heal some wounded parts and replace them with a sense of love and peace instead. Carly’s passion and kindness shines through. She brings such a calming energy which made me feel safe during a very vulnerable process. I felt held and heard. Since the session I have felt lighter, and brought more compassion to my inner self talk. I can’t wait for my next session.
Faye Orr

The Awakened Warrior Toolkit

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