It is never too late, to rewrite the beginning!

We All have a story

It began in the womb as your innocent heart formed. It continued as you took your first gasp of air; your tiny lungs crying out for unconditional love, safety and protection.

As time passed, the pages of your life have been decorated with experiences and relationships. The excitement in your tummy having the first sleepover with your best friend. The feeling of accomplishment swelling up in your chest when the teacher announced your part in the school play.

Your story also entails the rejection you felt when your so-called friend didn’t pick you as a partner in PE. It includes the look of disappointment in your mother’s eyes when you failed your exam and the pain that tore through your chest when your father walked out the door.

Fast forward a few decades. You’re an adult now. You are a well-educated and successful person so:

I Can Tell you Why

Your inner child is still longing. That 6-year-old version of you dwells within your soul and remains in the driving seat of your adult decisions.

EVERY relationship from your childhood years has shaped the beliefs that you have about yourself today. These beliefs contribute to how you feel about yourself on a daily basis and therefore create your current reality. Your beliefs are so deeply rooted and this is the reason why most mindset techniques you have tried, merely scratch the surface.

Your biggest wounds are linked to your closest relationships; caused by the people who were supposed to love you, care for you and protect you from harm.

Luckily, you have found my page. I am here to provide you with a revolutionary healing approach that is the missing link to wholeness. I will focus on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart.

Heart healing focuses on the most radical catalyst for change- expertly healing root relationship causes so that you can experience:

Who am I?

Let me share my transformational journey with you

My name is Carly. I am a single parent, primary school teacher, Amazon number 1 bestselling co-author and Northern Ireland’s first Heart Healing therapist. 

I openly shared my journey of overcoming childhood trauma so that I could finally enjoy a life of freedom and abundance.

Growing up in Bangor, from the outside I was a model pupil. I was successful in school, represented both Northern Ireland and Great Britain in rhythmic gymnastics and easily made friends. As the years passed, I spent seasons in Spain and Portugal dancing on stage and entertaining people by the poolside. My huge smile and enthusiasm masked my wounds lurking below.  On the inside, I was lost and desperately uncertain.

For as long as I could remember, the pain I was carrying had taught me that I wasn’t enough unconditionally.  This subconscious belief attracted me to people who were emotionally unavailable. It left me crippled with fear and anxiety and battling a rocky relationship with food.  I struggled to set healthy boundaries and allowed my mood to be dictated by the actions of others. I constantly needed to know that no one around me was annoyed at me, so that I could feel settled for a while. Then, the cycle repeated.  

I desperately craved inner peace and to live as my most authentic self. Sadly, my fear of abandonment was all too consuming. In the end, I dived into a marriage just because I needed to be part of a family.  I thought FINALLY, I would feel ok.

It was a long path of discovery that took me getting everything I thought I needed (the marriage and button-nosed baby boy) to realise I felt emptier than ever before. My key to happiness was in my own pocket and it was up to me to heal my heart. No one outside of me could do the inner work for me. I left an unhealthy marriage and flew back from Northern Ireland in 2019. Ready to start over. Ready to heal.

I am here to tell you that healing is possible. Freedom is on the other side of fear and I can guide you to heal the root cause of what has been holding you prisoner for all these years.

I’ve been working with women and men all over the globe, guiding them through powerful healing sessions and creating a safe space for them to heal the pain and let go of attachments from traumas they didn’t even know they had.

Carly Boyle


What Is Heart Healing™?

Heart healing is a revolutionary integrative healing approach used within the subconscious state. 

Combining cutting edge techniques evolved from proven scientific methods with spirituality, heart healing provides a unique and advanced channel to communicate with your inner child for a mind-heart-soul transformation like nothing you have ever experienced before.  

It is the only holistic healing method to be granted a level 4 status by the 0CCH – that is the equivalent of a foundation degree in healing hearts. 

Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds that your mind alone cannot uncover. According to quantum physics, the heart has an energetic frequency 5000 times stronger than the mind, so it makes sense that healing your heart creates a much bigger transformation.

While other subconscious therapies concentrate on exploring past events and experiences, heart healing recognises that

“It is not the situation that wounds us most, but our relationship with the person who caused it.”

5 Dimensions of heart healing™

heart healing


This refers to our thoughts and beliefs BUT specifically the mind-heart connection. Healing on a heart level is the quickest way to change your beliefs as your mind and heart will become aligned instead of battling against each other.

heart healing


Through reparenting of the inner child, heart healing safely releases negative emotions and strengthens confidence, self-esteem and self-trust.

heart healing


This is the aspect missing from all other modalities. Our wounds aren’t caused by experiences but the feelings we have been left with as a result. They are caused by the person who gave you that feeling within the experience. Heart healing works uniquely to address key relationships that are contributing to the heart wounds.

heart healing


Your heart carries the wounding of the generations before you, known as epigenetics. Heart Healing helps you to become the cycle breaker which has an impact on a multigenerational level.

heart healing


Coming closer to wholeness, this is a journey of self-discovery that will reconnect you to your higher self. It is the spiritual piece of the puzzle that helps you extract wisdom from your wounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heart healing requires you to be in a deeply relaxed state so that you can bypass your busy mind and get to the root of the pain. It is important to slow your brain waves down so that I can guide you to access the magnetic field of your heart.  You can rest assured that you are in complete control throughout the process and you can come out of the relaxed state at any time should you wish to do so.

All of my healing/coaching work is done online over zoom. There are two reasons for this. One, so that you can be in the comfort of your own home in familiar surroundings. I encourage clients to come as they are, with a blanket around them, lights dimmed and candle lit. Secondly, I will be recording part of the session so that imprints are done live. I can then edit this part of the session to send to you after.

Yes, you can pay off your package. Speak to me if you wish to choose a payment plan.

No, we can have a chat to make a bespoke healing package for your specific needs

The 5 Core Receiving Wounds® of the heart and how they may be showing up in your life

1. The Enoughness Wound®

You struggle with confidence and have difficulty liking or loving yourself. You worry what others think, criticise yourself and feel triggered by others who are confident and successful. You let other people overstep your boundaries, and hold yourself back from what you really want to do and your true purpose. You overwork, over give, and people please.

2. The Love Wound®

You struggle to prioritise yourself and your needs. You feel burnt out and have difficulty receiving love and/or money. You end up as the rescuer - whether that's family, friends or clients. You feel resistance to charging fairly for your work and end up with clients who need to be mothered and are in victim mode. Life and business feel heavy - and despite your efforts, you sacrifice your success and end up feeling resentful.

3. The Worth Wound®

You feel guilt or shame when you receive good things and subconsciously self-sabotage, even when you're not intending to! You sabotage yourself, your health, your relationships, your business and your financial situation. Your business goes through feast and famine cycles, and when you do earn money, it goes out as fast as it came in as you can't hold onto it.  When life is good in one area, it seems bad somewhere else as you don't feel you can have it all.

4. The Acceptance Wound®

You're wearing a mask and hiding who you truly are. You crave a sense of belonging, connection, love, success but you hide your authentic self in an attempt to stay safe. You continue to hide parts of yourself to please others. You're keeping yourself small, hiding your true gifts from the world and you’re not into your true power and potential.

5. The Trust Wound®

Indecision is your middle name! You find yourself going round in circles, rather than moving forwards. You lack clarity and are afraid of failing or making mistakes. You seek answers and/or confirmation from outside of yourself. You lack trust in yourself, and might find yourself listening to your own intuition, but then ignoring it. You don't feel you're being true to who you really are.

What My Clients Say

I came away from the session with high levels of pride and self-worth that are now very permanent in my soul. Carly was incredibly calming throughout my session and she held the space beautifully and guided me with light, love and confidence. My experience was heavy and incredibly difficult to work through but with Carly’s guidance, support and protection, it went so smoothly. This release has made me feel light, whole and so damn powerful.

Hayley McCann